How To Stop Dachshund Drooling

If you’re a proud owner of a lovable Dachshund, you’ve probably noticed their adorable, yet slightly messy, drooling habits. Don’t worry, though – we’re here to help you put an end to those slobber trails! In this article, we will explore some helpful tips and tricks on how to stop Dachshund drooling. Whether you’re a first-time Dachshund parent or a seasoned pro, we’ve got all the information you need to keep your beloved pup’s drooling in check. So, grab a treat for your furry friend and let’s dive into the world of Dachshunds and their drool-free adventures!

Understanding Dachshund Drooling

Drooling is a common occurrence in many dog breeds, and Dachshunds are no exception. While some drooling is normal in dogs, excessive drooling can be a cause for concern. As a Dachshund owner, it is important to understand the causes of drooling in your furry friend and differentiate between normal and excessive drooling.

Causes of Dachshund Drooling

Dachshunds may drool for various reasons, and it is crucial to identify the underlying cause to address the issue effectively. One common cause of drooling in Dachshunds is food-related. Delicious aromas and the anticipation of mealtime can trigger excessive salivation, leading to drooling. Additionally, dental issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, or oral infections can also result in increased drooling. Other potential causes include mouth injuries, foreign objects stuck in the mouth, motion sickness, and even breed-specific factors.

Normal vs Excessive Drooling

It is essential to distinguish between normal and excessive drooling to determine if your Dachshund’s drooling requires attention. Normal drooling occurs during mealtime, anticipation of food, or when your dog is excited. A little drool during these occasions is completely normal. On the other hand, excessive drooling refers to a continual flow of saliva that is excessive in quantity or duration. If your Dachshund is drooling excessively, even when not triggered by food or excitement, it is advisable to investigate further and take necessary measures.

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Preventing Dachshund Drooling

While it may not be possible to entirely eliminate drooling in Dachshunds, there are several steps you can take to minimize the frequency and severity of drooling episodes.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene

Dental hygiene plays a crucial role in preventing excessive drooling in Dachshunds. Regular brushing of your dog’s teeth using a dog-specific toothpaste and toothbrush is highly recommended. This helps in removing plaque, tartar, and food particles that can contribute to oral issues and subsequent drooling. Additionally, providing dental treats and chew toys can help massage the gums, promote healthy teeth, and reduce drooling caused by dental problems.

Managing Feeding Habits

Uncontrolled feeding habits can contribute to increased drooling in Dachshunds. By establishing a regular feeding schedule and avoiding free-feeding, you can prevent your Dachshund from becoming overly excited and drooling excessively. Avoid giving fatty or spicy foods, as they can also lead to excessive drooling. Additionally, using slow-feed bowls or food puzzles can help slow down eating and reduce the likelihood of drooling.

Providing Plenty of Water

Proper hydration is essential for your Dachshund’s overall health, but excessive water intake can also lead to drooling. Ensure that your Dachshund has access to clean drinking water at all times, but monitor their water intake, especially before car rides or any activities that may trigger excessive drooling. Offering water in smaller amounts throughout the day can help prevent overdrinking and subsequent drooling episodes.

Regular Exercise and Stimulating Activities

A well-exercised and mentally stimulated Dachshund is less likely to drool excessively due to anxiety or stress. Engaging in regular physical activities, such as walks, playtime, and interactive games, helps to keep your Dachshund happy and content. Mental stimulation, such as puzzle toys or obedience training, can also help reduce anxiety and minimize drooling caused by stress.

Avoiding Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be significant factors contributing to excessive drooling in Dachshunds. It is important to identify and minimize potential stressors in your dog’s environment. Providing a calm and secure living space, avoiding loud noises, and ensuring a consistent daily routine can help alleviate anxiety. Comforting your Dachshund during stressful situations and using anxiety-reducing products, such as pheromone diffusers or calming wraps, may also be beneficial in preventing excessive drooling.

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How To Stop Dachshund Drooling

Home Remedies for Dachshund Drooling

If your Dachshund is experiencing occasional bouts of excessive drooling, you can try some home remedies to alleviate the issue.

Ice Cubes and Chilled Treats

Offering your Dachshund ice cubes or chilled treats can help soothe their mouth and reduce drooling caused by oral discomfort. The cold temperature helps numb any pain or inflammation, providing relief to your furry friend. Just ensure that you do not offer too many ice cubes or extremely cold treats, as this can lead to discomfort or brain freeze.

Use of Cloths and Bibs

To prevent excessive drooling from creating messes, you can use soft cloths or bibs designed for dogs. Placing a cloth under your Dachshund’s mouth or securing a bib around their neck can help catch drool and keep your floors and furniture clean. Remember to choose materials that are soft, absorbent, and easy to clean to ensure your Dachshund’s comfort and hygiene.

Herbal or Natural Remedies

Certain herbal and natural remedies may help in reducing excessive drooling in Dachshunds. Consult with a veterinarian experienced in holistic medicine to explore options such as chamomile tea, ginger, or natural supplements. These remedies may help calm your Dachshund’s digestive system, reduce drooling caused by anxiety, or alleviate any underlying issues contributing to excessive salivation.

Seeking Professional Help

If your Dachshund’s excessive drooling persists or worsens despite implementing preventive measures and home remedies, it is crucial to seek professional help. A veterinarian will be able to assess your Dachshund’s overall health, conduct a thorough examination, and provide appropriate guidance.

Consulting a Veterinarian

Schedule an appointment with your Dachshund’s veterinarian to discuss the drooling issue in detail. The vet will inquire about your dog’s medical history, conduct a physical examination, and may recommend additional tests or procedures to identify the underlying cause. Based on the findings, the veterinarian will provide you with an appropriate treatment plan to address the excessive drooling effectively.

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Considering Medications or Surgery

In some cases, medications or surgical interventions may be necessary to resolve the underlying cause of excessive drooling in Dachshunds. Your veterinarian will guide you through the available options, taking into consideration the specific condition affecting your dog. Medications can help manage conditions such as inflammation, infections, or anxiety that contribute to drooling. In certain cases, surgical procedures, such as dental extractions or correction of oral abnormalities, may be required to alleviate the issue.

How To Stop Dachshund Drooling


Understanding the causes of drooling in Dachshunds is essential for every owner to provide the necessary care and support. By maintaining good oral hygiene, managing feeding habits, providing plenty of water, engaging in regular exercise, and minimizing stress, you can significantly reduce excessive drooling in your Dachshund. In case home remedies do not yield the desired results, it is always advisable to consult with a veterinarian for professional advice and appropriate interventions. With proper understanding, preventive measures, and veterinary guidance, you can help your Dachshund lead a happier and more comfortable life, free from excessive drooling.