How To Keep A Dachshund Entertained

If you find yourself with a lively and curious Dachshund as a four-legged companion, you may be wondering how to keep them entertained and fulfilled. With their energetic nature and sharp intelligence, Dachshunds thrive on mental and physical stimulation. In this article, we will explore a variety of engaging activities and toys that will not only keep your Dachshund entertained but also contribute to their overall well-being. From interactive puzzle toys to fun outdoor games, we have got you covered with ideas that will keep your Dachshund wagging their tail with joy!

Interactive Toys

Food Dispensing Toys

Food dispensing toys are a great way to keep your dachshund mentally and physically stimulated. These toys are designed to challenge your dog’s problem-solving skills as they work to retrieve their delicious treats. With different levels of difficulty, you can start with easier puzzles and gradually increase the complexity as your dachshund becomes more adept at solving them. Not only do food dispensing toys provide entertainment, but they can also help slow down your dog’s eating, preventing them from gobbling down their meals too quickly.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are another excellent option for engaging your dachshund’s mind and preventing boredom. These toys usually require your dog to figure out how to manipulate different pieces or compartments to access treats or toys hidden inside. They provide mental stimulation while satisfying your dog’s natural curiosity and problem-solving instincts. From simple puzzles to more advanced ones, there are plenty of options available to cater to your dachshund’s intelligence level and abilities.

Squeaky Plush Toys

Dachshunds are known for their love of toys, and squeaky plush toys can provide hours of entertainment for your furry friend. These toys are designed to make a squeaking noise when your dog gnaws on or squeezes them, mimicking the sound of prey and triggering your dachshund’s natural hunting instincts. Not only will your pet enjoy the interactive play, but the soft texture of the plush toy can also provide comfort and a sense of security.

Tug-of-War Toys

Tug-of-war toys are a fantastic way to bond with your dachshund while giving them a vigorous workout. These toys are made of strong and durable materials, designed to withstand the tugging and pulling during playtime. Engaging in a game of tug-of-war with your dachshund can help strengthen their jaw muscles and provide a mental and physical challenge. Always remember to play by the rules and teach your dachshund proper manners during this interactive game.

Exercise and Play

Daily Walks

Dachshunds may have short legs, but they still require daily exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Taking your dachshund for daily walks is not only beneficial for their physical well-being but also provides mental stimulation as they explore their surroundings. Remember to adjust the length and intensity of the walks based on your dachshund’s age, health, and physical abilities. Keeping a regular walking routine will not only keep your dachshund entertained but also help prevent weight gain and promote good cardiovascular health.

Play Fetch

Playing fetch is a classic and enjoyable game for both dogs and their owners. Dachshunds have a natural instinct to chase and retrieve objects, making fetch an ideal activity to keep them entertained. Find an open space, such as a backyard or a park, where you can throw a ball or a toy for your dachshund to fetch. Start with short distances and gradually increase the challenge as your dachshund becomes more skilled. This game not only provides physical exercise but also reinforces the bond between you and your furry companion.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a fun game that can entertain your dachshund both mentally and physically. Start by hiding in an easy-to-find location and call out to your dachshund. Once they find you, reward them with praise and treats. As your dachshund becomes more familiar with the game, you can make the hiding spots more challenging. This game taps into their natural hunting instincts and encourages problem-solving skills. It’s an excellent way to keep your dachshund busy and mentally stimulated on a rainy day or when outdoor activities are limited.

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Playing tug-of-war with your dachshund can be a fun and interactive way to provide them with mental and physical stimulation. Ensure you use a sturdy toy specifically designed for tug-of-war to ensure your dachshund’s safety. This game not only helps strengthen your dog’s teeth and jaw muscles but also allows them to release excess energy in a positive way. Remember to establish rules and boundaries during playtime to avoid any potential behavior issues.

Agility Training

Agility training is a fantastic way to challenge your dachshund’s physical abilities while promoting mental sharpness. Create an obstacle course using items such as cones, tunnels, and jumps, and guide your dachshund through the course, teaching them to navigate each obstacle. This activity improves coordination, builds confidence, and provides a great outlet for your dachshund’s energy. Remember to start with simple obstacles and gradually increase the difficulty as your dachshund becomes more proficient.

Playdates with Other Dogs

Dachshunds are sociable dogs and enjoy the company of their fellow canine friends. Organizing playdates with other dogs can provide your dachshund with an opportunity to socialize, burn off excess energy, and have a great time. Whether it’s at a local dog park or arranging meet-ups with friends who own dogs, interactive play with other dogs helps your dachshund develop better social skills and can prevent feelings of loneliness or boredom.

Brain Games and Training

Teach New Tricks

Teaching your dachshund new tricks is an excellent way to challenge their mind and provide mental stimulation. From basic commands like sit, stay, and paw to more advanced tricks like roll over and play dead, the possibilities are endless. Use positive reinforcement, reward-based training methods, and break the tricks down into small steps to make it easier for your dachshund to understand and succeed. The training process itself can be fun and engaging, strengthening the bond between you and your dachshund.

Obedience Training

Obedience training is crucial for every dog, including dachshunds. It not only teaches them essential commands but also helps to establish boundaries and shape desirable behaviors. By practicing obedience training regularly, you can keep your dachshund mentally engaged and prevent boredom. Focus on basic commands like sit, stay, down, and recall. Consistency and positive reinforcement are key to making obedience training enjoyable and effective for both you and your dachshund.

Nose Work

Dachshunds have an exceptional sense of smell, and engaging them in nose work activities taps into their natural abilities. You can begin by introducing your dachshund to scent games, where you hide treats or toys around the house and let them use their nose to locate them. As your dachshund progresses, you can participate in more advanced scent work activities such as tracking and trailing. Nose work not only stimulates your dachshund’s mind but also provides a great outlet for their energy.

Hide Treats Around the House

A simple yet effective way to keep your dachshund entertained is by hiding treats around the house. You can hide them behind furniture, under rugs, or inside interactive toys. This activity encourages your dachshund to use their problem-solving skills and engages their natural instincts to search for food. It also helps prevent destructive behavior that may result from boredom.

Scent Detection Games

Scent detection games are a wonderful way to engage your dachshund’s mind and make use of their incredible sense of smell. Start by introducing your dachshund to a specific scent, such as a particular essential oil or treat. Gradually hide the scent in more challenging locations and have your dachshund search for it. These games provide mental stimulation, build focus and concentration, and are a great way to bond with your dachshund.

Indoor Activities

Indoor Agility Course

Creating an indoor agility course can be a fun and engaging activity for your dachshund. Use items around your home such as chairs, cushions, and tunnels to set up an obstacle course. Guide your dachshund through the course, encouraging them to jump over obstacles, weave between objects, and crawl through tunnels. This activity provides physical exercise, mental stimulation, and helps develop your dachshund’s coordination and problem-solving skills.

Obstacle Course

Similar to the indoor agility course, an obstacle course is a great way to keep your dachshund entertained indoors. Set up a course using items such as cones, hula hoops, and tunnels, and guide your dachshund through each obstacle. You can even create a time challenge to make it more exciting. Obstacle courses not only provide physical exercise but also improve your dachshund’s coordination and agility.

Interactive Treat Dispenser

An interactive treat dispenser is a fantastic indoor activity for your dachshund. These toys are designed to challenge your dog’s problem-solving skills as they work to retrieve treats from hidden compartments. Fill the dispenser with your dachshund’s favorite treats and watch them enjoy the excitement of figuring out how to access the rewards. This interactive game satisfies your dog’s natural curiosity, provides mental stimulation, and helps prevent boredom.

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Scent Games

Scent games are a great way to engage your dachshund’s sense of smell and provide mental stimulation indoors. Use scented items such as essential oils, treats, or even a piece of cloth with your scent, and play hide and seek with your dachshund. Start with simple hiding spots and gradually increase the difficulty level. This activity taps into your dachshund’s natural abilities and keeps them entertained and focused.

Play with Interactive Laser Toys

Interactive laser toys can be a source of endless entertainment for your dachshund. Use a laser pointer to create unpredictable movements on the floor or walls, and watch as your dachshund chases and pounces on the elusive red dot. It’s important to note that laser pointers should never be shined directly in a dog’s eyes, as it can cause eye damage. This game provides mental stimulation and physical exercise for your dachshund, especially on days when going outdoors is not possible.

Outdoor Adventures

Dog Parks

Visiting dog parks is a wonderful way to provide your dachshund with social interaction, exercise, and mental stimulation. Dog parks offer a safe and controlled environment where your dachshund can freely interact with other dogs, sniff new scents, and explore different surroundings. It’s essential to ensure your dachshund is friendly and well-behaved before taking them to a dog park.


If you enjoy outdoor activities, taking your dachshund on hikes can be a great way to keep them entertained. Make sure to choose trails and terrains suitable for your dachshund’s physical abilities. Keep them on a leash and bring water and snacks for both you and your dachshund. Hiking allows your dachshund to experience new sights, sounds, and smells while providing them with the exercise they need.


Dachshunds may not be natural swimmers due to their long bodies and short legs, but swimming can be a fantastic way to keep them cool and entertained during hot summer days. Introduce your dachshund to water gradually and provide them with a life jacket for added safety. Whether it’s a pool, lake, or beach, swimming engages their muscles, provides a low-impact workout, and is a fun way for your dachshund to stay active.

Play Frisbee

Playing frisbee with your dachshund is an engaging activity that combines physical exercise and mental stimulation. Use a soft and lightweight frisbee specially designed for dogs to prevent injuries. Start with shorter throws and gradually increase the distance as your dachshund becomes more skilled. It’s important to use positive reinforcement, praise, and treats to encourage your dachshund’s participation in this interactive game.

Set up a Digging Area

Dachshunds have a natural instinct to dig, and providing them with a designated digging area in your backyard can save your garden while offering them an appropriate outlet for their digging behavior. Use a designated space where your dachshund can dig freely, such as a sandbox or a specific patch of soft soil. Bury toys or treats for your dachshund to discover, making the digging experience more rewarding and entertaining.

Enrichment Toys

Chew Toys

Chew toys are essential for maintaining oral health and keeping your dachshund entertained. Look for durable, non-toxic chew toys that can withstand your dachshund’s strong chewing instincts. These toys satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew and prevent them from engaging in destructive chewing behavior on household items. Additionally, chewing can help alleviate boredom and anxiety.

Interactive Puzzle Toys

Interactive puzzle toys are a popular choice for dachshunds as they provide mental stimulation and entertainment. These toys are designed with compartments and mechanisms that require your dachshund to solve puzzles to access treats or toys. From simple to complex designs, there are plenty of options available to challenge your dachshund’s problem-solving abilities and prevent boredom.

Treat-Filled Toys

Treat-filled toys are a great way to keep your dachshund entertained and satisfied. These toys are designed with hollow compartments where you can hide treats or smear them with peanut butter or cream cheese. Your dachshund will spend time licking and pawing at the toy to access the treats, providing mental and physical stimulation. Ensure the toys are made of safe and durable materials suitable for your dachshund’s chewing habits.

Social Interaction

Playdates with Other Dogs

Organizing playdates with other dogs is an excellent way to provide your dachshund with social interaction and entertainment. Find friends or family members who own dogs and set up regular meet-ups at dog-friendly parks or in the safety of your own backyard. Socializing with other dogs helps your dachshund develop appropriate social skills and keeps them mentally stimulated. Always supervise playtime to ensure the safety and well-being of all dogs involved.

Join Dog Training Classes

Dog training classes offer a fantastic opportunity for your dachshund to socialize with other dogs and receive professional guidance. These classes not only teach basic obedience commands but also provide mental stimulation and challenge your dachshund’s problem-solving skills. Training classes strengthen the bond between you and your dachshund while ensuring they have a positive and engaging experience.

Visit Doggy Daycares

If you work long hours or need to run errands, doggy daycares can provide a safe and fun environment for your dachshund. These facilities offer supervised playtime, socialization opportunities, and activities to keep your dachshund entertained throughout the day. Regular visits to doggy daycares can prevent feelings of loneliness or boredom and ensure your dachshund remains mentally and physically stimulated.

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Meet New People

Dachshunds are social dogs and enjoy meeting new people. Take your dachshund on outings to places where they can interact with different individuals, such as parks, pet-friendly stores, or outdoor cafes. Engaging in polite and positive interactions with strangers helps develop your dachshund’s social skills and provides mental stimulation. Always ensure your dachshund is comfortable and receptive to new people before approaching them.

Take On Outings

Adding variety to your dachshund’s routine by taking them on outings to new places can provide mental and physical stimulation. Explore different parks, beaches, or trails to expose your dachshund to new scents, sights, and sounds. These outings allow them to satisfy their curiosity, engage their senses, and keep them entertained. Remember to always prioritize your dachshund’s safety and adhere to local regulations and guidelines.

DIY Homemade Toys

Sock Ball

A sock ball is a simple and inexpensive DIY toy that can keep your dachshund entertained for hours. Take a clean sock and stuff it with old fabric, t-shirts, or socks to create a soft and squishy ball. Tie a knot at the top or secure it with a rubber band. Your dachshund will enjoy tossing, chasing, and tugging on this homemade toy.

Empty Plastic Bottles

Empty plastic bottles can provide both visual and auditory stimulation for your dachshund. Remove the cap and any labels from the bottle, ensuring there are no sharp edges. Your dachshund will love the crinkling sound and the challenge of trying to extract treats from the bottle. Always supervise your dachshund while playing with plastic bottles to prevent any accidental swallowing.

Frozen Treats

Frozen treats are a refreshing and entertaining option for keeping your dachshund cool on hot days. You can make your own frozen treats by mixing plain yogurt, mashed fruits, or dog-friendly ingredients, and freezing them in ice cube trays or specialized treat molds. The icy texture and delicious flavors will keep your dachshund happily occupied while providing a tasty and enjoyable snack.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes can be transformed into a variety of DIY toys for your dachshund. Create a simple puzzle by cutting holes in the box and hiding treats inside, challenging your dachshund to figure out how to retrieve them. You can also stack boxes of different sizes to create a fun obstacle course for your dachshund to explore and navigate. These cost-effective toys provide mental stimulation and entertainment.

Rotation and Variety

Rotate Toys Regularly

To prevent your dachshund from becoming bored with their toys, it’s important to rotate them regularly. Introduce a few toys at a time, and once your dachshund starts losing interest, replace them with different toys. This rotation keeps the toys fresh and exciting for your dachshund, preventing them from becoming too familiar and losing their appeal.

Introduce New Toys

Adding new toys to your dachshund’s collection is an excellent way to keep them entertained. Look for toys with different textures, shapes, and functionalities to provide variety. By regularly introducing new toys, you stimulate your dachshund’s curiosity and prevent boredom. However, always monitor your dachshund’s play with new toys to ensure they are safe and do not pose any choking hazards.

Different Textures and Materials

Dachshunds have a natural inclination to explore and chew on various textures and materials. Providing toys with different textures, such as rubber, plush, or rope, can offer sensory stimulation and prevent boredom. It’s important to choose toys made from safe and durable materials that can withstand your dachshund’s chewing habits.

Interactive Treat Dispensers

Kong Classic Dog Toy

The Kong Classic Dog Toy is a popular choice for interactive treat dispensers. It is made of durable rubber and has a hollow center where you can hide treats or smear peanut butter. Your dachshund will have to work to retrieve the treats, keeping them entertained and mentally stimulated.

Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Puzzle

The Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Puzzle is a challenging treat dispenser that requires your dachshund to solve puzzles to access hidden treats. It features sliding compartments, rotating discs, and removable bones to keep your dachshund engaged and entertained. The puzzle can be adjusted to different difficulty levels, offering a long-lasting source of mental stimulation.

Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug

The Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug is a unique treat dispenser that combines physical activity with treat retrieval. It features a rubber jug with a rope attached to the top and a small opening at the base. Fill the jug with treats and let your dachshund figure out how to pull the rope and release the treats. This interactive toy provides mental and physical stimulation while satisfying your dachshund’s treat cravings.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

The iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher is perfect for dachshund owners who want to keep their furry friends entertained without constant physical effort. This toy launches small balls for your dachshund to fetch, providing both mental and physical stimulation. With adjustable settings, you can control the distance and launch frequency to suit your dachshund’s needs.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

The Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel toy is a plush puzzle toy that engages your dachshund’s hunting instincts. It features a plush tree trunk with a squeaky squirrel inside. Your dachshund will enjoy searching for and removing the squirrels from the trunk. This toy stimulates your dachshund’s mind while providing them with fun and entertainment.

From interactive toys that challenge your dachshund’s problem-solving skills to engaging activities that provide mental and physical stimulation, there are numerous ways to keep your dachshund entertained. Remember to prioritize safety by choosing toys and activities suitable for your dachshund’s age, size, and abilities. By providing a variety of interactive experiences, you can ensure your dachshund stays happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated.